Happy 118th Birthday
Baby Gramma (Carmelita Romero)
"In Loving Memory"
In Loving Memory
In Rembrance
Pope John Paul II

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"Baby Gramma"

Born to this Earth on July 16, 1882
Returned Home on January 17, 2001

Gramma we miss you so much.
We are all very thankful to God for sharing you with us.
Gramma I do not have the right words to adequately describe the feelings of Love that we have for you.
If it were possible for you to enter into our hearts and thoughts then you would be able understand and see how much you mean to us.
Gramma we thank you for your neverending and unconditional Love and support that you have given to us all your life..
I am sorry Gramma that I am not able to rightly communicate, to make known,
to you in words the feelings that I am experiencing right now.
But these tears that you see run downing my cheeks right now
(the same cheeks you use to squeeze when I was a child)
are the only way that I can show how I much I Love and miss you.

This next message is from "Gramma" to all of her children thoughout the world.
This is especially to YOU.

To my precious Children,

Thank you for all of your kind words, prayers and Love you have shared
with me they have made the greatest difference in me life...Isn't life wonderful,
it's full of adventure, beauty, magic, mystery and miracles
and life is full of Love.

And if you Love me, my precious mijos in remembrance
of me grant me this one simple wish;

Make a special effort today and everyday to look for the good in everyone and see the beauty in God's work,
sing out in praise and celebrate life to its fullest.

It is not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something, may
I suggest that it be for Jesus and creating joy for others, sharing what we have
and bringing hope to the lost and Love to the lonely.

Give appreciation and value to each life encounter, knowing it will never occur again.
Life is to be celebrated each moment, that to put things off is to risk losing them forever,
and most of all - that there is always a new beginning.

Looking back I've realized that the only things of real value are the people we have Loved,
the acts of kindness we have performed, and the ways in which we have left the world a better place for our children's children.

Always remember you are all one-of-a-kind.
You are unique, not only in what you look like, walk like, talk like and what you think.
You are all very special to God and to me.
HE put you on this earth for a unique reason and your life should be
dedicated to the process of discovering it developing it and sharing it with everyone in the world.

Only with the guidance of Our Lord Jesus Christ will you be able to discover it,
realize what it is, and then give it away.

Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Everyday is a special occasion.
Recognize those special moments and cherish them forever.

Don't leave those little things undone until "someday" or "one of these days";
don't take tomorrow for granted for it is not promised to us.

Don't put seeing family and good friends until "someday", or wait until
"one-of-these-days" to write those letters or tell your family and friends
how much you truly Love them.

Try hard not to hold back, or save anything that would add laughter and
luster to your lives. And every morning when you open your eyes remind
yourself that it is a blessing a gift from God.

Each day be aware of God's gifts, the beautiful things of the world that
He has given just for you. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Find the
innocence in being a child again and never be afraid to show your Love.

Look at the flowers,the birds, look and listen the children and respect your elders,
go barefoot and feel the wet green grass of the cool morning day, walk in the
rain and experiance again the sweet taste of raindrops as they fall gently on your
tongue, get on your knees with your children and shoot play marbles with them outside
on the yard, ride more merry-go-rounds, eat more ice cream, take more walks,
watch more sunsets...Live!!!

Every day, every minute, every second, every breath you take truly is a gift from God.

Remember to always Love with open arms and laughter. Look for the bight side,
the funny side of everything. Laugh at our own experiences, don't worry about
your mistakes (we all make them), and mostly let us laugh at ourselves.

Love God and life with a passion, for He truly Loves you with a passion.
Let us thank God for the opportunity he has given us today to come together
and share a prayer and loving thoughts and memories together.

You are all very special to me. Untill I knew you I didn't know that I was
missing you. No I think I Loved you, (no I know)
I Loved you before I knew you.

When I think of you a warm feeling of Love and happy thoughts
and a smile overcomes me.

When you go to bed tonight, give thanks to God, brush your teeth ;),
read the Bible, and pray for your family and friends,
(please don't forget me in your prayers).

And don't forget to dream. That's one of the most adventurous
things left for us to experience. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams.

Take care and Love each other the way I have always Loved You.
You will always be in my thoughts and prayers and I will always
look out after you and be there to catch you when you fall.

Imagine being born in a world with
no television,no airplanes, no cell
phones, no Letterman or Leno, no e-mail,
no Monday Night Football, no credit cards,
no Michael Jordan, no automobiles, no Elvis,
Beatles or Stones, no air- conditioning,
38 states in the Union, and Chester
A. Arthur as President...
... A time without a Hitler, World Wars,
Nuclear Weapons, Aids, The Holocaust...
Imagine ... we can only dream to imagine.
My Gramma, well she lived to see it all,
the good the bad and the indifferent.
Mrs. Carmelita De Mara Romero or lovingly
known to everyone as "Gramma", was born on
July 16, 1882 in Yuma, Arizona. At 117
years of age she has just been confirmed by
"The Guinness Book of Records" as the oldest
person in America and the world. What an
accomplishment! When she was a young lady
she met and married Ramon Arce Romero in
Calexico, California. They had fourteen
children of whom only seven survived and
hundreds of grandchildren and great grandchildren.








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