Happy 118th Birthday
Baby Gramma (Carmelita Romero)
"In Loving Memory"
In Loving Memory
In Rembrance
Pope John Paul II

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Mrs. Carmelita DeMara Romero
"Baby Gramma"
July 16, 1882 Yuma, Arizona.

Born to this Earth on July 16.1882
Returned Home on January 17,2001

"GRAMMA CARMELITA" (117th Birthday Party)

You Mean The World To Us. No one else in all the world could ever start to fill
the special place you hold in our hearts. Some people are special for the things
they do. Still other are special for the joys that they give, Some people are special
for kindness they show you are all and much more to us. I wonder if you know
how much it means to have a Grandmother as loving and compassionate as you.
I wonder if you understand how much support you've given with every
challenge you have helped us through. And for making our lives such a
special pleasure with happiness and all the memories we treasure,
in our hearts forever. With all the Pride and Love we feel for
you, we "Thank You" for the breathe we breath, you gave us life
the beginning of forever, you gave others peace of heart.
We give you our world and everything in it.

This is our Birthday Wish for you.
"Happy 118th Years Young"...

Thank you "Gramma",
Love always,
Carolyn Franco, (Grand-daughter)
and "Your Familia"



I just want to let everyone know how much I miss Baby Gramma.
She was such a special person. So loving, caring, funny (boy did she have jokes).
If you knew Gramma, you know what I mean. Everyone she met, she treated them as her own.
Never did we go somewhere without someone saying,
"Hey Baby Gramma how are you?". I don't think anyone really knew her real name.
I guess her name should have been "BABY GRAMMA".
But if you were in her immediate family she would say,
"Donde esta mi dulce?", which means,"Where is my candy?".
Well Gramma, now you have all the candy you want. I MISS & LOVE YOU

Your Grand-daughter,
Jessie "Tuddy" Franco-Castro
May 30, 2005




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